Trusted List EditorAll in one tool for cross-border electronic signature

All in one tool for cross-border electronic signature

version: 1.4.5.

A new Icon size submenu is available in the View menu to resize icons of the navigation tree on-the-fly.

TLEdit now is able to download and display machine processable and human readable form of the trusted list that was published in a ZIP file.

Shorter and more informative tooltip on Pointers to other TSLs and Policy or legal notice pane.

A new Open URI button is available on the Pointer to other TSL pane to download the referred machine processable or human readable form.

Bugfix: Only the first URI of SchemeTypeCommunityRules was filled in the newly created TSL. Now the second, member state dependent URI is also pre-filled with the proper value.

Bugfix: Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+V (paste) keyboard shortcuts didn’t work properly on Windows.

Bugfix: Check against trusted lists function throwed an error after password change.
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