Trusted List EditorAll in one tool for cross-border electronic signature

All in one tool for cross-border electronic signature

version: 2.0.0

Conformant to the latest ETSI TS 119 612 V1.1.1 (2013-06) Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); Trusted Lists;
and 2013/662/EU COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION of 14 October 2013 amending Decision 2009/767/EC as regards the establishment, maintenance and publication of trusted lists of certification service providers supervised/accredited by Member States

This version can handle simultaneously all the six types of the Trusted List:
1) EU Member State Trusted List, version 3
2) List of Lists of the EU, version 3
3) EU Member State Trusted List, version 4
4) List of Lists of the EU, version 4
5) non EU countries, international organization Trusted List, version 4
6) List of Lists of non EU countries and international organization, version 4

New functions:
- upgrade (convert) Trusted List version 3 to version 4 with a single click, make detailed log on the changes
- new Content Errors function (available in the popup menu) that reports only the errors found during the content validation check
- all the generated reports can be viewed in an external browser also
- generate a self-signed certificate for signing the Trusted List (see: TS 119 612, Section 5.7.1), available in the Tools menu
- XML validation against the proper XML schemas determined on the basis of the value of the TSLVersionIdentifier field
- added new country: HR (Croatia)

- keeping PDF/A conformance during signing of the human readable from by converting the visible signature text to graphics

- better and faster rendering of the navigation tree

version: 1.4.8

Improvements on the signature verification of Trusted Lists:
- Automatically using the Member State signing certificate published in the list of lists (LOTL) for signature verification.
- If the Member State signing certificate is not published in the LOTL, the supposed signing certificate can be selected from the file system.

Improvements on the Check against trusted lists function:
- Using the CA QC/PKC certificates listed in the Trusted List as Trust Anchors, automatically downloading the freshest Trusted List based on the country code of the certificate issuer.

Improvements on the certificate viewer component:
- Using certification path builder wizard to build and display the upper hierarchy above CA services listed as accredited/supervised in a Member State Trusted List. Using the intermediate and root certificates from the signature, downloading the missing certificates using the URLs from the AIA extension and performing cross-certification as a last resort.

Improvements on the Content audit function of the LOTL:
- The report now includes the country code and name of the Member State whose certificate is missing from the PointersToOtherTSL/OtherTSLPointer element.

version: 1.3.6.

Added machine processable form signing certificate and human readable form SSL certificate of LOTL ("list of lists") into OtherTSLPointer, PointersToOtherTSL element.

New LOTL preferences settings in File menu, Preferences menu item to configure the actual certificates published by EC.

TLEdit now periodically downloads the machine processable and human readable form of the LOTL, finds out the actual signing and SSL certificates, checks the equality with certificates configured in the LOTL preferences. In case of mismatch, displays a warning message for the user.

version: 1.3.8.

TLEdit now accepts an end certificate with Certificate Policies extension marked as critical at certification path building step of signing process.

Added exclusive canonicalization transformation to enveloped signature of machine processable form.
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