Trusted List EditorAll in one tool for cross-border electronic signature

All in one tool for cross-border electronic signature

Easy to use. TLEdit works the way you work. It precisely matches your working practices, requiring less supervision and generating fewer errors.
You can keep it under control. You can apply any necessary changes when you like.
Enhanced input check. TLEdit provides visual indication and text description when your input does not match the required format or values. The objective of this technique is to provide assistance in correcting input errors, when the information given by you does not meet the requirements of the standard.
On-the-fly analysis. In TLEdit many formalisms have been adopted in accordance with the technical specifications, and any Trusted List has been analyzed by various automatic and semi-automatic techniques.
Includes a certified security module for signature creation and verification.
Cross-platform availability. TLEdit runs on different hardware configurations and under multiple operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Sun Solaris.
Corporate licensing. Allow more than one person within a Company to use TLEdit. The individual price for each user reduces dramatically, depending on the number of people using the software.
Product update and user support service. Licence fee includes free of charge automatic software update in the case of change in Commission Decisions and underlying standards and furthermore user support via email for one year.
Consistent user interface. All the components have a similar structure, making it easier to use and master for all of your colleagues.